Since resigning as Head Pastor of Faith Community Church, the Lord has been teaching me some valuable lessons that I want to pass on to others.  He has been developing within me a greater desire to flourish as a follower of Christ by giving me a passion to see lives transformed through the Great Commission.  I would love to share my journey with you, and at the same time help you continue going down the path God has marked out for you as you too flourish in your life, faith and ministry. 


The journey has not been easy. 
The lessons have been humbling.
To become who God wants me to be, 
to reach my maximum potential in Christ
and to fulfill the Great Commission,
I know there is going to be a cost.
Fortunately, God has not left me on my own.
He walks these paths with me,
guiding me through the valleys,
while leading me to higher places.


Along the way, I have learned much through people in places like Malaga, Spain and Grove City, Pennsylvania – by reading Scripture, engaging in conversations with non-believers, and through the lessons learned from a life well lived by my 95 year old father-in-law who went home to be with his Father this summer.

I want to help you flourish in life, faith and/or ministry.  I want to assist you in going down the path God is marking out before you.  I want to spur you on to love and good deed as you begin to step into your maximum potential.  If you are a pastor, you may find yourself struggling with how to lead a flourishing church filled with flourishing followers of Christ.  Let me walk with you as you journey down what might be a new path, one where you and others are making disciples who are making more disciples.

Most pastors do not reach their maximum potential,
let alone fulfill the Great Commission
because they try to do it on their own.
That then prevents the church from fulfilling the Great Commission.


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Don't Diet GET Healthy


Most people probably believe they need to lose weight.  The reason they don't is because they don't know what to do.  Some may actually try various diets, lose some weight, but then gain it right back over time.  It's the "yo-yo" effect of losing weight.  In his book "Habits of Health", Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson writes: "Eighty-five percent of people who go on a diet without behavioral support gain the weight back within two years."

My guess is that most people who want to lose weight focus on doing a diet, rather than learning how to develop a healthy lifestyle that can sustain and maintain their optimal weight.  They have good intentions, but they don't have the right motivations.  They are driven to lose weight, but once they actually lose the weight they falsely believe they have arrived and there is nothing else to do.  Yet, as Jesus says, "The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."  

Some people just don't have the drive or willingness to develop a healthy lifestyle.  They never even get started in doing anything because they do not have the proper motivation.  They might say:  "I need to go on a diet because my doctor says I need to lose a few pounds."  Unfortunately, it may take a major health crisis before they heed their doctor's advice.

But, it's not their fault.  Even with good intentions, not many doctors will actually give you a plan for losing weight, let alone how to develop a healthy lifestyle.  More often than not you are left on your own to figure it out.  That's where Take Shape for Life (TSFL) comes in.  The TSFL healthy living community provides ongoing support as you pursue a healthy lifestyle.  At no extra cost to you, they supply health specialists, nutritionists, resource tools, as well as a health coach to encourage you, support you and to keep you properly focused and motivated.  Plus, you automatically become part of a larger family or community of people pursuing the same healthy lifestyle goals as you.  Their testimonies help keep motivate others on the journey to optimal health.  You don't have to do this all alone.

Some people might say:  "I can lose weight if I would just eat less."  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!  That is such a self-defeating strategy and not necessarily the pathway to healthy living.  Eating less does not always mean eating healthy.  You cannot simply skip meals or starve yourself.  In fact, it is best to eat 6 smaller meals every three hours.  TSFL gives you easy to use portion controlled replacement meals, many of which are "grab and go" for our busy lives, filled with the same amount of calories and nutrients that you need for good health.  In addition to that, TSFL provides lean and green menus, recipes and shopping lists.

Then there are those who put off pursuing a healthier lifestyle by saying: "I would lose weight if I knew how to cook better."  I don't know many people who know how to cook healthy meals, let alone who know what a healthy meal consists of.  Plus, it is very expensive to truly prepare healthy meals.  TSFL takes all the guess work out of cooking with a "5 and 1" program.  Each day you eat 5 portion controlled replacement meals and one lean and green meal that you prepare.  AND IT WORKS!  

I used the "5 and 1" program and lost 50 pounds in a few months.  I am now sustaining my weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  My doctor says that by losing the weight and developing a healthier lifestyle I have not only reversed my Type-2 diabetes, but I no longer need to take my blood pressure medication.  Not bad these days for a 58 year old man.  I do not credit my success to any diet.   Rather, it's all about learning how to live healthier, which includes eating six smaller meals a day every three hours, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, getting the right amount of sleep, and having a coach who encourages me regularly.  

Are you tired of having the yo-yo effect of dieting?  Ready to GET Healthy?  Go to the GET Healthy tab on my web page: www.mygetcoaching.com, fill out the form, submit it and let's talk.  Or investigate it yourself at www.billwilliamson.tsfl.com.  Plus, you can simply send me an email: etw6559@gmail.com.  

How To GET To Where You Want To Go

Dear Christian, Pastor, or Ministry Leader, GET to where God wants you to go.  Start today!

A classic board game I played growing up was Monopoly.  Without taking the game too seriously, it was pretty easy to play.  Roll the dice, move your game piece (mine was always the race car), and collect $200 every time you pass "GO".  The route was always the same: go around the board.  (Yes, occasionally you were sent to "Jail") However, no matter how many times you went around the board, you never ended up anywhere.  

Sometimes life can feel the same way: roll the dice, move to the next stop, collect some money for a job well done, but there is no eventual destination.  It's simple - It's comfortable - It's routine.  But, it doesn't always lead to a life where our maximum potential is experienced.  So, how do you get off of the carousel and begin living the live you were intended to live with a greater joy in the journey?  Yes, it is possible.  You don't have to wait until you pass "GO" or collect that gold watch in order to experience the life you were intended to life.  Life does not need to be put on hold until you retire. 

Like most people I have encountered, you probably want to live your life with a greater sense of joy and purpose.  You just don't know what that looks like.  You don't know for sure what you were born to do.  Welcome to the club.  In fact, if you're honest, you envy those who have always known what they wanted to do.  I was not one of those fortunate to know at a young age what I wanted to be when I got older.  I didn't take those AP classes or do community service in order to pad my college application in order to get into my dream school.  In fact, college was not even on my radar when I was growing up.  Somehow I ended up going to college, but I had no idea what I wanted to major in.  I was hoping that within four years (ok, it took me five years to graduate), the light would somehow turn on and I would know my calling in life.  That never really happened.  Fortunately through simple life experiences and God ordained relationships, the right doors kept opening up for me that helped me get to where I am today.  However, other doors were closed in the process.  

Wherever you are in life right now, if you have not found that joy-filled purpose in life, it's not too late.  Let's face it, most of never will totally fulfill what we were put on this earth to do.  Not all of us end up doing exactly what we were born to do.  However, it's not too late to get started moving in a direction that can bring a greater sense of fulfillment.  I would love to help you GET to where you want to go, even if you don't currently know what that destination looks like.  Even if you don't know where you want to go, don't allow that to prevent you from exploring what you probably are already dreaming about doing.   

Don’t get bogged down with where you think you should be, or where it is you want to be in the future.  Instead, begin by taking an inventory of where you are today in order to begin imagining where it is you want to be next month, next year, or ten years from now.  Email me at etw6559@gmail, or on www.mygetcoaching.com click the tab “GET Coaching Now” and fill out and submit the form.  I can't wait to help you take the first step you need in order to get to where you want to go.

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders

Throughout life there are ups and downs.  Most of the time life keeps moving forward in a "normal" path.  However, once in awhile, for a moment, a day, a season, or for what will become a "new normal", there is an unexpected upward surge up the mountain or a spiral down into the valley.  However, as a follower of Christ, life is not a roll of the dice.  All life is orchestrated by God and in His control.  Yes, even the "slides" in our life do not catch God off guard.  There are times when God knows that going through the valley will lead to higher mountain peaks.  After all, Good Friday, the Cross, led to Easter Sunday, the Empty Tomb, the Resurrection.

If your life does not seem to be going anywhere, or you're wondering where God is involved in your life, you don't need to keep crossing your fingers or even searching for a four leaf clover.  God has a purpose and a plan for your life.  I would love to help you discover it.  As your coach I could help you unlock the God-given answers God has planted within you in order to help you attain your greatest potential.  Whether's it to be a fully committed disciple of Christ, or a Pastor or Leader in ministry, God has given you the tools to fulfill His purpose.  Sometimes it's a matter of having someone like me ask you powerful questions that get you focused on that purpose.  

Check out my website: www.mygetcoaching.com, or contact me: etw6559@gmail.com.