In July 2016 I visited our youngest daughter for her birthday in Merced, CA, where she was on summer staff at the University of Merced, California.  On the day of her birthday we hiked the Upper Falls trail in Yosemite.  I started out strong.  Eventually  I had to stop about every ten minutes to catch my breath.  After the trip, and upon viewing photos of myself, I decided I needed help to lose weight.  That led me to Take Shape For Life.  Within 4 months I lost 50 pounds.  My Type 2 Diabetes numbers decreased dramatically, and I had to purchase new clothes.  I basically went from XXL to L.  

Not only did I lose weight, but with TSFL I learned how to live a more healthy lifestyle.  I am now a Health Coach with TSFL and enjoy helping others not only lose weight, but also live more healthy lives.  If you would like to pursue a healthy lifestyle and receive the bonus of dropping pounds, fill out and submit the form below.

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